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Oft times, SharePoint is used for the storage of documents such as Excel worksheets and Word documents. Just like any other website, to gain access to the SharePoint site you need to enter a provided URL which is easily accessible using a common web browser. Finding itself in a ton of companies, SharePoint allows different departments to have total control over their own documents, information, as well as security.

There’s also a handy search bar at the top of the screen to help people locate desired info swiftly. With Spire, the organization can ensure its employees across different locations and schools feel like they belong to a community, while boosting education efforts. SharePoint can be customized to fit your company’s workflow. It can easily be tweaked as your company grows, restructures, and its priorities change.

For group collaborations and closed projects, the Microsoft Teams integration comes in handy. Users can search for employees by position, name, availability, and hire date using the staff directory. They can also view relevant information about past and research projects they’ve been involved in. The company has over 80,000 employees and contractors dispersed across various countries on its staff sheet. As a result, BHP needed to have a global intranet, so it built a new one to that effect using SharePoint Online. The company’s HR, finance, and other core systems have been integrated into the intranet to make processes highly efficient and support daily work.

Our SharePoint Intranet and Office 365 experts have deeply studied the needs of various industries when it comes to implementing an Office 365 based Intranet. We have not only studied but developed several widgets, web parts, add-ins, and other components which are widely used to quickly build an intranet for your kind of Industry. These SharePoint intranet examples show there’s a lot that you can do with your corporate workplace platform. The Yammer integration adds a wonderful and important social component to the intranet that encourages workers to connect and interact with one another.

Just implementing a corporate portal and presenting it to employees isn’t enough to ensure its success. The post-deployment work on the intranet can be even more important than pre-deployment planning and intranet development itself. Once the solution is in place, you have to assign owners of the intranet and SharePoint sites, who will supervise users’ activities and generated content. You might think that Delve in Office 365 can only provide search capabilities.

Must Have People Finder !

Organizations operating in highly-regulated environments, who require complex document management libraries, or who have invested heavily in customized workflows often use SharePoint On-Premises. A SharePoint site can be easily configured to provide a more structured environment to track and manage a project with your team. Our Microsoft consulting firm has delivered 1000’s of solutions and training for organizations across North America and the world.

How to use Identity Troubleshooter for diagnosing the problems? Your ticket time resolution is taking too long, new issues are coming, but you are tied by a pile of incidents that are … It is a very exciting moment for each team member when the project they are to work on has a well-defined scope and is w… User experience for editors is far from what people expect now – some things are too complicated .

sharepoint site examples

Whilst it was possible to add a News web part as a third-party app from the SharePoint Online store, this created more reliance on outside vendors which was an uncomfortable risk for many customers. Our modern theme bundles come with detailed step-by-step installation instructions. We will happily assist you in setting up your new theme package via web meeting session. This labeling helps with easy sifting, categorizing, and grouping of documents according to given search criteria.

If you want to view the employees presence on SharePoint and looking for an app. I had some issues in deploying and they fixed it in minutes. Our company has a huge database of Employees, and this app has done above our Expectations. I really like the card view that has the integrated Skype for Business presence. Our company is huge and we need to get in touch with employees on phone and email almost every next minute.

Every site by default has one, and you can create additional ones if need be. Links to all the company’s websites are housed on the homepage, alongside other useful links to workplace tools, systems, directories, and information. There’s an area for announcements and news, a calendar showing upcoming events and important dates, and a widget for the company’s stock price. In addition, the intranet is integrated with social media, specifically Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

How To Audit Sharepoint: Understanding Sharepoint Audit Logs 101

It adopted a site architecture that focuses on a specific line of business or microservice. This awesome SharePoint intranet design was created for the transportation company, American Fast Freight Inc. The location and people tabs are there to provide specific information about VELUX’s employees and company branches. The design is tailored to suit the specific individual’s preferences, work process, and provide them with relevant information.

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Another way to keep the content fresh on the main landing page is to embed a Twitter web part. This, of course, assumes that your company does have a Twitter account and keeps it fresh.

Employees enjoy easy access to applications and bookmarks as well as employee resources . Custom corporate colors and a theme are applied in a minimalist and clean layout. It builds momentum around company impact and mission, including launch of the new product, employee stories, and the company in the news. It often takes industrial products years to launch or show impact, and sharing this with employees helps build morale and excitement about the joint mission. Quick links to the most commonly used applications are easily accessible. The latest news shows employees the most recent industry articles and research.

Sharepoint Online Anchor Links: How, What & Why

This comes with your Officer 365 subscription and if you’re not leveraging SharePoint online, then you’re not getting your money’s worth from MS365. Think of an intranet like secure website that is not available to the public and undetected by Google. It requires login information to access your intranet site. For a personalized demo to learn how Akumina can help you build the SharePoint intranet you need, don’t hesitate to reach out. This particular example of a SharePoint intranet showcases one of our most popular features, called Intelligent Activity Streams. Integration Bring content and action together into a single connected experience to minimize context switching and ignite productivity.

sharepoint site examples

This SharePoint intranet site from Klarinet Solutions puts the focus on the individual first and foremost. It serves as a personal journal, planner, news source, and tool center, which is great especially if you have a large organization. SharePoint has a lot to offer in terms of functionality such as asset libraries, task management, communication pages, security and information management, file storage, document management, and more. Internal department pages have everything employees need to start their day, from links to everyday applications to tasks, calendars, and recent documents. The homepage for a finance intranet needs to be relevant to all employees and specific enough for individual job roles and teams. Award-winning intranets from 5 years ago today appear blocky and out-of-date to employees who are accustomed to more contemporary design trends.

This site should be the place where your employees get news about the organization, quick links to all important resources, and maybe even some personalized content. Digital Media enable remote working for staff wherein the current scenario, technology touches and transforms every aspect of personal productivity in the workplace. Staff members can easily communicate, share information, and access company data from our intranet solution no matter where they are located.

Office 365 Tips: What Tool To Use When

This is how to create a sharepoint communication site using pnp powershell. Below is the PowerShell script to create modern team site using pnp powershell. In the Documents library, click the gear icon, then choose Library settings. Click Advanced settings, then select Yes under Allow management of content types. An Intranet is a private network platform that resides inside your enterprise.

  • There’s no need to create a distribution list or a SharePoint group.
  • Click Advanced settings, then select Yes under Allow management of content types.
  • Below is an example of what a SharePoint site can look like when configured for collaborative project management.
  • For example, you create a team in Microsoft Teams for Employee Success.
  • The Microsoft 365 platform is evergreen though, and constantly changing.

Getting information, which is not obsolete, staled, or bogus. They should get the correct version of the document in time to get their productivity high. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Users also have personal tabs where they can view their work and reports. Despite being a complex global workplace platform, Ramboll’s intranet is very intuitive and easy on the eyes. Seeing as this global engineering and consulting firm employs over 16,000 workers, Ramboll’s focus with their site was to create a digital workspace that embraces a united company culture. The HR dashboard is integrated with PeopleSoft, making it easier and faster for employees to perform HR-related tasks like raising requests for paid time off.

What Makes This Template Great?

A Quick Links module can help users navigate through sites easily. This module needs to have site links which are common for any user e.g helpdesk, HR services, and people directory as well as links to sites which the user prefers or visits the most. We had roughly 350 employees and only 238 showed up in the app when I first installed it.

During our design workshops, users tell us that news need to be balanced with easy access to work resources and other features. SharePoint also provides organizations with the ability to control information access and use automation to simplify workflow processes across teams or the broader enterprise. Click Edit to edit the home page and add content as needed, and click Publish when you are finished. The example below shows a page with text web parts, a quick links web part with custom images, and a people web part. For more information on editing modern site pages, see Add or remove columns on a page, and Using web parts on SharePoint Online pages. SharePoint offers many exciting features that are easy to switch on.

Promoted Content On Your Intranet

Do you ever question how your company could benefit from a central internal communication and collaboration platform that engages employees, improves business processes, and cultivates culture? Every organization has a unique personality with different backgrounds, values, services, people, and purposes. Similar to organizations, modern intranets are made to be exclusive and tailored. They could consist of advanced SharePoint Intranet homepages, social apps, specific capabilities, features, tools, and so on. With this in mind, old intranets have been pushed out of the picture; meanwhile, standard intranet solutions do not cut it anymore. Ultimately, Intranet Homepages are an excellent corporate style guide that helps end-users engage with up-to-date & tailored content, information, and media.

By using the Websites, you consent to the data practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the data practices described in this Privacy Policy, you should not use the Websites. In this example, I start with a SharePoint Communication site and create a structure using metadata, page templates and some manual navigation. SharePoint uses a flat structure, so we have to build a virtual structure .

Is It Necessary To Add Social Features?

Yes, I’d like to receive email communications for upcoming events, news & insights from Orchestry. You could use the SharePoint Online CTA web part to communicate important messages and alerts to your users. To do this, create a call to action with a solid background and an icon and position it on your Intranet so that users can click for more information.

However, our daily tasks aren’t always about collaboration, and individual work needs to be counted in too. Yet this is not the strongest side of SharePoint or Office How To Create a SharePoint Site 365. There are a few ways to provide personalized digital workplaces in both suites, though. It’s an employee directory that fits great with our company intranet.

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