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There is minimum compliance that is required to be adhered to get it incorporated. This form of business is economical as it is relatively less expensive to start than a company or LLP. For all the types of registrations which are recommended for the sole proprietorship firms, the following general documents are required for most of them. There can be some exceptions for specific types of registrations. The owners are advised to check the official website of the government body issuing that registration to make sure to have all the documents required for the same. If you are interested in this mode of operation, the preceding sections should be carefully studied before adopting a sole proprietor as your business structure.

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  • If you are sued for business-related accidents, you may be liable to pay damages and medical costs yourself.
  • This is the reason why it is the most generally used business structure.
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  • In reality, sole proprietors have a much smaller footprint, which means they lack the financial resources to defend themselves against a costly legal battle.

To put it in another way a sole proprietorship is not a legal entity, where an is responsible for clearing off the debts of the business. The sole proprietorship is a preferable and popular business form. Hence, the existence of the business will come to an end with the death of the owner. Like LLPs and private limited companies registered in India, proprietorships must file income tax returns. As the proprietor and the proprietorships are the same, the Proprietorship and the proprietor’s income tax return filing would be the same. Registering a sole proprietorship business is a digital process that can be accompanied with the help of an expert.

Q5. Is tax audit mandatory for a sole proprietorship firm?

We at Swarit Advisors help our clients even with the post-incorporation compliance requirements. Import Export Code An Import Export Code can be acquired from the DGFT in the name of the business. However, the same is possible only in case the said Proprietorship firm is dealing in the export and import of goods into India. Certificate of registration that may be in the form of a Trade License; issued by local, state, or Central government.

  • They all started something small alone and made it grow into a giant company.
  • The only type of corporate entity that can be started with a single promoter is one person company.
  • Owners are free to combine their personal and commercial resources however they like.
  • As the proprietor and the proprietorships are the same, the Proprietorship and the proprietor’s income tax return filing would be the same.
  • Property tax bill less than one-year-old along with Tax payment receipts are an important form of address proof.

If such person is opting for the Presumptive Taxation Scheme, a tax audit becomes mandatory if the person declares taxable income below the limits prescribed under the presumptive tax scheme . In this section, we will cover registration process of all the above mentioned options. Importer-Exporter Code – With launch of GST, only GSTIN will be used for purpose of seven marketing functions were described by import and exports. In case of persons not liable to be registered under GST, PAN number will be used instead of IEC. “One of the most professional and trustable CA firm in the city providing best services in all areas of accounting and taxation.” Employees have little time left over for their personal lives due to the tremendous demands of the business sector.

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Following are the consequences of delay in filling the return of income. For a sole owner, the income statement and the balance sheet are the two most important financial statements to be completed. It is not uncommon to create the statement of changes in owner’s equity and the statement of cash flows. Owners are free to combine their personal and commercial resources however they like.

Sole Proprietorship companies in India

However, in the case of a sole proprietorship, there is no continued existence of the firm. A sole proprietorship is not considered as a separate identity which is different from its owner. Therefore, the tax of the proprietorship business is assessed in the hands of the owner only as per the Income Tax Slabs. This means that the profit earned through the business will not be taxed separately as in case of partnership or company.

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Further, the term “annual turnover” denotes the limit Rs 40 lakhs. Every applicant needs to obtain a TAN Registration from the IT Department. However, the said registration is needed only if the sole proprietor is making salary outflows in which TDS deduction is required. A Sole Proprietorship business does not take more than 15 days to set up and start functioning. This simplicity makes it popular among small traders and merchants.

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Therefore, producing a current account is considered to be the groundwork for beginning one of these enterprise. Please note that we are not a law firm and do not provide legal services ourselves. The information on this website is for the purpose of knowledge only and should not be relied upon as legal advice or opinion. A Sole Proprietorship Business ceases to exist after the death of the sole proprietor.

Since in a sole proprietorship concern, the business and the owner are considered as one and not a separate entity, there is no special winding up process as in the case of other entities. The winding up of the business is easy and the only requirement is cancellation of tax registrations, if any, such as GST registration. A sole proprietorship is the most common form of a business entity where one person is the owner and is personally liable for all the debts and liabilities of the business. It is the most simple form of an entity with minimal compliance procedures. Though no specific registration is required for starting a sole proprietorship firm, certain basic registrations are required to be obtained by a sole proprietorship firm for doing business. A startup is a term used to describe a company started by an entrepreneur to execute a scalable business idea.

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